Why Is Some Fat Harder To Lose?

At Family Acupuncture & Wellness, our staff is dedicated to help you obtain and maintain an optimal level of health, so that you have the freedom to pursue a life that brings you joy. If you’re overweight or obese, you’re part of a growing segment of the population, but you also aren’t enjoying optimal health. 

We offer free weight loss seminars, and we can help create a weight loss program that’s tailored to your individual needs. Like every element of good health, weight loss is highly dependent on your unique characteristics. Your gender, age, activity level, and hormone levels are all critical to successful weight loss. 

Not all fat is the same

Even though you may feel the same about the fat on your hips as you do about the fat on your belly, the two tissues are different in some important ways. Much of the fat on your body is what is known as subcutaneous fat. It exists in a layer between your skin and your muscles.

Fat that surrounds your internal organs, found on your abdomen, is called visceral fat. You can be thin everywhere except your waist, and still face health dangers caused by visceral fat. It has been associated with numerous chronic conditions, including cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. 

Fat cells are endocrine organs

Just within the last couple of decades, researchers have found that fat cells aren’t simply storage areas. For many years, doctors and scientists believed that when you consumed more energy (calories) than you expended, the extra were stored in fat cells that simply sat there. 

Now, we know that fat cells are active. They secrete hormones that have a major impact on your overall health. This is one reason we develop a metabolic profile to help you lose weight. 

Visceral fat, especially, secretes hormones that are harmful to your health. It can cause low level inflammation, increasing your risk of numerous conditions. 

There’s much more to weight loss than calories

Counting calories simply doesn’t work as an approach to weight loss, which is something you may have learned personally. Instead, you need to understand what’s causing your weight gain or stalling your weight loss. Almost always, there’s a complex set of circumstances, with multiple contributing factors such as your gender, whether or not you’ve given birth, how much or little you exercise, and your hormones. 

We can help you develop a program that identifies your particular nutrition needs for burning fat, your metabolic needs that lead to weight loss, and what kinds of supplements or acupressure could be helpful for you to lose weight. We help you understand what to eat, and when, as well as what kind of exercise is going to be most beneficial for you, and other factors, like stress, that could be impeding your ability to lose weight. 

If you’d like to learn when our next free seminar will be, or if you’d like to book an appointment for a personal consultation, give us a call at 603-556-8908.

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