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Our comprehensive weight loss program marries the latest advances from fields of nutrition, exercise science, and metabolism with the wisdom of traditional acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.  Our approach is extremely unique:  rather than focus on counting calories (which has been scientifically proven not to work), we focus on regulating the hormonal imbalances that create most weight control issues. 

We offer FREE SEMINARS regularly in our office where we explain the important concepts behind our weight management program.  The seminars are FREE, open to the public, carry no obligation for any future care, and are packed with tons of great tips and suggestions that can be applied immediately.  See this video for more info:


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Our Approach to Weight Loss

  • Pain Free
  • Fast consistent results–average patient loses 12 lbs in first 20 days.
  • All natural, 100% healthy approach.  No drugs, hormones, or surgeries.

We take a science-based, comprehensive approach to weight control that employs the latest scientific research on diet, nutrition, endocrinology, and exercise to maximize your weight loss potential.  We look at the body as one whole unit and are focused on getting the body back into its proper state of metabolic balance.  Our approach is based on following 7 Key Principles:

  • Finding the proper fat burning diet program for each patient’s metabolic profile.  Everyone is different, and one size fits all approaches don’t work.
  • Elimination of cravings through proper nutrition, and the use of acupressure and acupuncture (for the needlephobic:  NO NEEDLES REQUIRED).  If you are hungry and experience cravings you will not be able to have long-term success, so our program focuses strongly on eliminating food cravings.  This makes a huge difference.
  • Testing.  We use a variety of objective and subjective assessments to monitor progress and fine-tune individual programs.
  • Coaching, accountability, education, and support.  We have helped many people, and several have reported that not having to “go it alone” was the biggest key for them.
  • Teaching our patients proper exercise to maximize fat burning for their body type.  There have been huge scientific advances in this area that have gone largely ignored by most weight loss programs.
  • Balancing stress hormones.  For many patients, particularly peri/postmenopausal women this is the missing key which has always held them back before.
  • Detoxification of several of the body’s key systems so that you can regain a normal metabolism.

We discuss the importance of all these elements in detail at our FREE Weight Loss Seminars. To attend, please call our office or book online now.

Here are just a couple of our patients’ stories:

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