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Video Testimonials


Functional Medicine

Carrie F.

She's Saving Money & She Feels Great

Olivia B.

Migraines And Joint Pain Gone

Belinda N.

How a retiree went from 'dead end' to light as a feather

Cheryl S.

How a teacher went from dependent to free with Adam Learner

Lynne D.

How a senior ops manager went from extremely tired to touring colleges

Jessie G.

I'm Just Happier, I Feel Like I Have My Life Back

Joanne M.

Very Satisfied Being 50 Lbs Lighter!

Kathy M.

From Brutal Symptoms To 95% Gone


Now I Can Play With My Grandkids

Linda M.

How a 61 year old diabetic lost 50 pounds in 5 months


This Was Absolutely The Right Fit


It Was Clear To Me That He Could Really Help


This Program Saved My Life


It Was Clear To Me That He Could Really Help


About To Give Up To 65 Lbs Lighter

Pam K.

Digestive Concerns

Paul H.

Weight Gain, Fatigue, Brain Fog

Sharon M.

Joint Pain, Inflammation

Gordon S.

Weight Gain, Autoimmune Disease

Sue L.

Insomnia, Autoimmune Disease

Cindi P.

Joint Pain, Inflammation, Digestive Concerns

Jan J.

Weight Gain, Autoimmune Disease

Karyl S.


Dan B.

Weight Gain, Joint Pain, Inflammation


Weight Gain, Pre-diabetic

John S.

Weight Gain




Linda D.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Sean G.


Tyna and Larry


Lee M.

Neck Pain


Back Pain

Meghan D.


Ava S.

Weight Gain, Knee Pain

Jeff D.


Dan H.

Degenerative Arthritis

Barbara K.

Weight Gain

Kurt K.

Weight Gain

Elaine W.

Weight Gain, Neck Pain


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