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Video Testimonials


Carrie F.


Pam K.


Linda M.


Belinda N.


Paul H.


Sylvia S.


Sharon M. 


Gordon S.


Autoimmune - weight loss - restored mobility

Lynne D.


Autoimmune - insomnia - healthier lifestyle

Sue L.


Weight loss - pain resolution - holistic/whole body treatment

Sheila C.


I came for 3 months, it worked and I got pregnant



For the last 20 years I have had rheumatoid arthritis, and I have had a lot of joint pain…Since starting acupuncture I have had total relief. I worked in my yard yesterday for 3 hours, and normally I would have been in a lot of pain the next day, but I woke up today feeling wonderful.




I was looking for a different approach that would reduce the number of prescriptions I was on…Since starting acupuncture I have been able to whittle down from 8 prescriptions to 1. Its totally changed my world.




After going to even Children’s Hospital, the medicines were unable to ward off the headaches which were constant. The only relief he got was with acupuncture. He has now been headache free for several months now.

Sean G



I felt immediate relief from my first treatment, and after 5 treatments I am completely pain free.

Lee M



I came in here with a lot of pain in my left hand and wrist, and now I am perfectly fine…

Martine L.



We were trying to get pregnant for awhile without any luck, and after treatments with Family Acupuncture, this is our result!

Tyna and Larry



I’ve seen my rheumatologist and no longer need any prednisone.

Beth F



Second time seeing Adam for fertility-both times I’ve had positive results

Kim K



I’m living proof that acupunture works




My pain was at a 13 when I came in, it’s down to almost zero

David S



Treatments have been very effective

Michelle S



…by the second week the (horrible back pain) was completely gone.

Kaitryn D.



I went through 2 ivf cycles to conceive my son Dylan.

Meghan D.


Acupuncture helped my knees…after 1 treatment, I no longer have pain when I walk down stairs.

Ava S.


Tinnitus was unbearable and affecting the quality of my life....after acupuncture treatments it was completely gone.


I was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis and the pain was at a moderate level..pain is now low and manageable and I can sleep at night. 

Dan H.

I was in huge amounts of pain....I was at my whits end....within 3 weeks I was feeling great.

Cindi P


That was the difference....No other doctor, naturopath or otherwise, had ever told me he was going to do testing to determine what was going on.

Jan J


My results are huge (besides losing almost 50 pounds). My migraines have gone away almost completely, and I was dealing with them for a decade. My joint pain is gone. I am not stuck in bed all day sleeping. My anxiety has actually gone down, I used to get panic attacks multiple times a day, and in the last few months I have only had maybe one.


I had no pain, I had energy...It's profound...detox and diet helped my headache and back pain.

Stephanie V.

My menopausal symptoms have gone from pretty 95% gone 

Kathleen M.

I was considered pre-diabetic and through dietary changes I am no longer pre-diabetic.

Karyl S.


I’ve lost 35.4lbs and I feel really good.

Jessica N



My main reason for coming here was low back pain which I had had for many many years. I had been to see many specialists, chiropractors, physical therapists, and nothing had worked. Everybody else said try this, try that” and nothing worked…but this approach has actually worked!



Barbara lost 28 lbs in 2 months!

Barbara K

After the first 21 days I’ve lost 24 lbs.

Kurt K



I am down to 200 pounds (from 290), I was on alot of medications…the medications are all gone, and I didnt need the knee surgery!

Dan B


I have lost 50 pounds and I am very happy with that…diabetes is gone, my numbers are back now into the normal range.



In one year I lost 93 or 94lbs…I just followed the program you gave me to the letter, and it was very easy.



Not only did they fix my neck pain with acupuncture, but after 6 months I am now down 50lbs…

Elaine W


I’ve lost 50 pounds, and its been the best program that I have ever been on

Debbie A



I’ve lost 69.8 pounds so far

Paul M



I have lost 12 lbs in 22 days, my reflux is gone, and I dont have to use my allergy medications.





I’ve lost 43lbs and gone from a size 16 to a size 8

Sue H



Its been 45 days…and I stand before you down 35 pounds, feeling great…




I just completed my 20 day cleanse, and I have lost 13 pounds.

Katie C.



I have been on the program for 20 days and I have lost 2 inches around my waist.




I had been trying for 2 years to lose 10 lbs, and in 20 days I got 12 lbs off.

Joan C.



I’ve lost 35.4lbs and I feel really good.

Jessica N


I am on day 31 of the program, and I am down 31 pounds.



I lost 12.4 pounds in 20 days…and I feel wonderful.

Mary P.


Since we started the program I have lost 27 pounds and the ancillary result is that my cholesterol has gone down 25% and I have stopped my medication. 

John S.

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