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Functional Medicine Specialist - New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts & New England

Family Acupuncture and Wellness

Acupuncturists & Functional Medicine Specialists located in Portsmouth, NH

A Holistic Approach to Your Health & Wellness

Family Acupuncture & Wellness uses a holistic Functional Medicine approach to help patients regain their health and lives.

Address the Root Cause 

Address the root cause of chronic health conditions and regain your health and happiness. 

  • Gut Health & Digestive Issues
  • Diabetes & Pre-diabetes
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Thyroid
  • Fatigue

Individualized Treatment Plan

We work with you to uncover the factors contributing to your symptoms and create an individualized treatment plan to ensure optimal health and vitality. You deserve better health, and we guide you on the journey. 

Adam Learner, LAc

Adam Learner specializes in an integrative approach to health. Since 2005, thousands have credited Adam with helping them recover their health and get their lives back.

How We Are Different

  • We approach health issues differently from the conventional approach AND most other Functional Medicine practices.
  • Our approach includes thorough testing designed to get to the Root Cause and providing individualized expert care to help each person address their Root Causes.
  • We can work with you virtually. We order any tests, and you visit your local Labcorp location for any lab work that might be needed.
  • We start with a Free 15 Minute Virtual Discovery Call to ensure we are a good match to work together. 
  • Because Adam works directly with all of his patients, he can only accept a limited number of patients.

Our guided steps to your wellness

  • We schedule a full one-hour virtual consultation with all our new patients. This time is needed to understand a patient's condition, history, and goals accurately.
  • By the end of this hour, Adam gives each person a plan for what it will take to get their health back.
  • The plan always includes targeted, comprehensive testing to identify why each patient is experiencing their symptoms and discover the Root Causes of their condition.
  • Adam then carefully interprets the lab results and refines your plan, delivered during the Virtual Lab Review appointment.
  • During the Virtual Lab Review appointment, Adam explains the lab results in detail so that each patient understands them.
  • He presents a detailed plan including food, supplement, herbal, and other lifestyle recommendations designed to address their specific root causes.

Ongoing Education, Mentoring, and Support

  • Many people struggle to make lifestyle changes on their own. If you have struggled to do so, you'll be relieved to know that you will have access to an entire team focused on providing the education, mentoring, and support you need to achieve your health goals.
  • You will get to work directly with Adam Learner, a nationally recognized Functional Medicine expert, and members of our Health Coach and Patient Experience teams.
I think the program is amazing and I had great success. I stayed true to the program and followed it from the beginning to the end. I lost 12 lbs, and my love handles!! And just as important is that my thyroid numbers are normal and my blood work is all in the normal range again. - Melissa M.