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Diabetes Specialist

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The Center for Disease Control (CDC) says that 100 million Americans have either Diabetes or Prediabetes--1 in 3 American adults. As a Functional Medicine practitioner, Adam Learner, LAc employs advanced laboratory testing to help adults identify all of the causes of their diabetes and prediabetes at Family Acupuncture & Wellness in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He uses lab-based diet, lifestyle, and nutritional therapies, herbal medicine, and other therapies to help patients address the root causes of their diabetes, and successfully helps them reverse their diabetes and prediabetes in the majority of cases. To learn more how our Functional Medicine approach can help you, contact the clinic online or over the phone.


What are prediabetes and diabetes?

A prediabetes diagnosis is a warning sign: Your blood glucose levels are rising, and you're developing insulin resistance, but you don't yet have diabetes.

Diabetes is a dysfunction in the way the body processes glucose and insulin, causing glucose levels to stay consistently high. People’s bodies with type 1 diabetes don’t produce insulin while those with type 2 diabetes don’t produce enough insulin or process it correctly.

What are the dangers of diabetes?

When too much glucose circulates in your system for extended periods, it can lead to:

  • Nerve damage
  • Vision damage
  • Heart disease
  • Peripheral vascular disease
  • Kidney failure
  • Decreased immunity
  • Amputation

Thankfully, if you do have prediabetes, treatment is available to help you avoid diabetes and regulate blood sugar levels.

How do you treat prediabetes and diabetes?

Adam utilizes a holistic, Functional Medicine approach to treatment that emphasizes addressing root causes (what he likes to call "root cause resolution").

Whether you are at the prediabetes or diabetes stage, Adam helps you avoid the progression of diabetes with healthy lifestyle changes including:

  • Exercise
  • Healthy diet
  • Supplements
  • Smoking cessation
  • Weight loss

To make his recommendations, Adam starts with an initial evaluation where he takes a detailed medical history and learns about your goals. He then orders lab tests relevant to what he learns during the evaluation.

When the lab results come back, he makes his treatment recommendations. In the meantime, he suggests dietary changes you can implement right away. At every step of the way, you will be supported by a whole team, including a dedicated health coach, to make sure that you are able to implement all of the lifestyle changes so that the solution will be permanent.

Many of our patients report that the education and support they received made a huge difference in allowing them to successfully reverse their diabetes and prediabetes, and get their energy and vitality back.

What are the benefits of Functional Medicine treatment for diabetes and prediabetes?

Using Functional Medicine, Adam strives to address diabetes at the root rather than just resorting to medications that mask symptoms. This approach empowers you to treat high blood sugar and insulin resistance naturally prevent prediabetes from turning into diabetes, and reverse the condition if you are already are a diabetic.

You can reduce your risk factors for not only diabetes but also other health conditions with this approach. Our comprehensive approach is very effective (we have a very high success rate at helping our patients reverse their conditions), but because of our high-touch approach, we can only take a limited number of patients.  To assess whether our approach is right for you, we always schedule a one-hour diabetes consultation.

If you’re interested in taking a proactive, whole-body approach to diabetes, contact Family Acupuncture & Wellness online or over the phone.