How Can Herbal Medicine Help with Anxiety?

Anxiety is so pervasive that it almost seems normal to spend your life in a state of heightened stress and worry. However, there are real health consequences to living with anxiety, and none of them are positive. 

If you have anxiety and haven’t found a treatment that works well for you yet, you may want to consider seeing an expert in Chinese herbal medicine, such as Adam Learner, LAc, or Betsy Learner, LAc. Herbal medicine can reduce the symptoms of anxiety without the negative side effects that so many pharmaceutical treatments have. 

Supplements vs Chinese herbal medicine

If you read that chamomile is good for anxiety and grab a box of chamomile tea at the grocery store, you’re not going to get the same results as you would from a highly-trained and qualified healthcare professional, such as the staff at Family Acupuncture and Wellness. 

One of the hallmarks of functional medicine is that your provider takes more into account than simply your symptoms when creating a treatment plan. 

Additionally, Chinese herbal medicine is, like acupuncture, many thousands of years old. It’s been proven through practice time and again, as well as shown through more recent studies that have shown the efficacy of Chinese herbal medicine. 

The difference between pharmaceuticals and the herbal approach

Many people can’t tolerate the medications commonly prescribed to treat anxiety, for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest differences in modern medications and Chinese herbal medicine is that the herbal approach most often stimulates your body to heal itself rather than simply masking your symptoms. 

When it comes to anxiety, herbal medicines may help you be calm, rather than suppressing your body’s response to stress. 

A combination may be the best approach

Anxiety can often be most successfully treated with a combination approach, using both Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture. The two treatments enhance one another, giving you the greatest benefit. 

One of the most critical aspects of any treatment plan is that it is tailored to suit you. Your situation isn’t like anyone else’s and your treatment plan shouldn’t be, either. At Family Acupuncture and Wellness, we take great care to understand your overall health needs, and to create a plan that is feasible and effective for your life. 

Anxiety is a complex disorder, and you may find that some combination of exercise, acupuncture, meditation, herbal medicine, and massage is effective. Let our staff guide you through the process of developing a plan that works for you. 

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