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Understanding the Different Types of Massage

At Family Acupuncture and Wellness, we believe that massage can be a solution, or part of a multifaceted solution, to many different health issues. Our massage therapist is Amy-Mae Court and she’s an expert in the use of an array of massage techniques that are appropriate in various situations. 

This post describes some of the massage modalities that Amy offers. If you have questions about something not listed in this post, we encourage you to contact our office! Amy may be able to help you. 

Medical massage

Although it’s common for people to think of a spa massage when they think of a massage, there are therapeutic benefits to a different kind of massage — a medical massage. Amy may use a variety of modalities and techniques in performing a medical massage, but the goal is to address an underlying medical condition. 

For example, if you’re recovering from an injury or surgery, a medical massage may help you recover more quickly. Amy and the acupuncturists at Family Acupuncture and Wellness work closely together, so if you’re being treated for a specific condition, massage may be one part of your overall treatment plan. 

Fertility, prenatal, and postnatal massage

Few people associate fertility with massage, but fertility massage has a long history in Chinese medicine. It hasn’t been studied extensively in western science; however, some of the benefits include increased blood flow to your uterus, improving your body awareness, relieving stress, and more. 

During pregnancy, massage can help ease joint pain, lessen anxiety, and improve labor outcomes. It may even benefit newborn health. Pregnancy isn’t always comfortable, but a massage from an expert can ease some of the discomfort. 

Postpartum massage improves recovery and your health. Massage in general reduces stress, eases pain, and offers other benefits. Postpartum massage can also help regulate your hormones, reduce swelling, and help you sleep better. 

Moon Cycle Massage™

If you struggle with symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), you may want to try a Moon Cycle Massage. Cramps, moodiness, and general malaise are common symptoms of PMS, and a soothing massage can help.

Thai yoga massage

This is another ancient modality. It began in Thailand some 2000 years ago, and today it combines acupressure, energy balancing, and assisted yoga postures. If you’re looking to improve your energy levels and flexibility, this could be the massage for you. 

Swedish massage

Swedish massage is the technique most people think of when they imagine a massage. It’s common, classic, and designed to promote relaxation. It’s a gentle technique that releases tension in your muscles.


Reiki is a Japanese modality that promotes healing and relaxation while reducing stress. You may hear the phrase “energy work” used in connection with reiki, and that’s because the technique has spiritual roots. 

Trigger point massage

You probably use a computer, a tablet, and a smartphone regularly. Your neck may be suffering for it. So many people have so-called tech neck, and trigger point massage can help. If you have a knotty neck, ask Amy if a trigger point massage could help. 


Another Japanese modality, shiatsu, might be translated as “finger pressure.” It’s a form of acupressure, and can help the energy flow through your body more efficiently. 

If you’re unsure what kind of massage is likely to benefit you the most, book an appointment with Amy at Family Acupuncture and Wellness. Once she understands your individual situation, she can recommend a modality that is likely to work for you. New patients are welcome to request an appointment online, or you can call us at 603-556-8908 to schedule your visit.

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